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L’Ofici de viure

Director and host: Gaspar Hernàndez
Executive producer: Guillem Carol
Year: 2017

Psychology and spirituality radio programme on Catalunya Ràdio, “L’ofici de viure” is making the leap to television this autumn on TV3. Directed and hosted by Gaspar Hernàndez, it has been on the air for ten years and is the leading Catalan radio programme online.

With each episode, the programme seeks out alternative ways of thinking, and living, to face the difficulties of every-day life in today’s society. Anxiety, stress, depression… these mood alterations are increasing common among those around us, and often treated with medications. They are the second most common cause of work-place absences.

“L’ofici de viure” aims to provide tools to help people better tackle this reality, with a positive point of view. The in-depth interviews look at both sides: personal experience and expert opinions.

The first part for the programme features people who have overcome some sort of difficulty or are in the process of working through it. They explain the tools that have allowed them to evolve or improve personally throughout their lives. Then the host interviews a professional on the chosen topic for the episode and, to finish up, an expert gives their point of view. All of this is interspersed with statements from specialists, mainly psychologists, who give a scientific point of view.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, “And if you weren’t afraid?”, “How to be happier”, “Stop being distracted”, “Inner freedom” and “Lessons to learn from cats” are some of the titles of programmes the “L’ofici de viure” team is preparing. The programme is directed by Gaspar Hernàndez, produced by Guillem Carol and showrunner Mireia Chavarria, with Incís Films production company.

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