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Have You Seen Ametller Origen’s Advertisement?

Have you seen Ametller Origen’s advertisement?

Ametller Origen has made its first television advertising campaign to promote vegetable creams and to communicate to a wider audience the philosophy behind the brand.


Surely you have already had the opportunity to see the announcement, produced by Incís Films, on TV3 and 8TV, among other television channels. What do you think about it?

Ametller Origen’s creams are a fresh, quality and proximity product. And this is what we wanted to capture and transmit with the campaign. We have shot in a privileged environment, between Camarles and the Penedès. With some greatly professional actors: six Ametller Origen workers.

In this project, from Incís Films we have been responsible for the production and filming, with the deployment of a recording and editing team of about 20 people. In addition, the production has had the collaboration of the creative agency Charles Barcelona, ​​which has been responsible for conceptualizing and designing the announcement.

We want to take the opportunity to show you how was the process of recording this television spot. What are all the preparations that must be done and the tasks that all the people behind the cameras develop. You can see it through this making of:


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