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What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny data files sent to the computer from sites users visit, used to save certain browsing interactions on a site storing data that can be updated and used in the future. These files are stored on the user’s computer and contain anonymous information. They are not harmful to the user’s equipment. They are used to remember a user’s preferences, such as the language, log-in details and page personalisation.

Cookies can also be used to save anonymous information about how a visitor uses the website. For example, which website they came from or whether they used an ad banner to reach the site.

Why do we use cookies?

INCÍS FILMS, S.L. uses only the cookies that are strictly necessary and essential so you can use our websites and move around freely, using restricted areas, personalised options, etc. Furthermore, INCÍS FILMS, S.L. uses cookies to collect data to analyse use of the site.
These are used to help improve customer service, measuring page use and performance, to optimise and personalise it further.

Our websites may also have links to social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter). INCÍS FILMS, S.L. has no control over the cookies used by these external platforms. For more information on the cookies of social media platforms or other third-party sites, we recommend you review their cookies policies.

How do we use the different types of cookies?

Session cookies: Those that collect and store data while the user is on a website and are deleted when they leave.
Persistent cookies: Those that store data on the user’s terminal for a longer period of time, controlling the chosen preferences without having to repeat certain parameters each time they visit the site.

First-party cookies: Those created by the website that can only be read by the site itself. For example: technical cookies to load images, cookies to personalise site parameters, traffic analysis cookies, etc.
Third-party cookies: Those created by third parties that we use for various services (e.g. website analysis or advertising).

By purpose:
Technical cookies: Those that are strictly necessary and essential for proper functioning of a website and for users to make use of the various options and services it offers. For example, those for maintaining the session, managing response time, performance and validation of options, using security elements, sharing content on social media, etc.
Personalisation cookies: Those that allow users to specify or personalise some characteristics of the website, for example the language, regional settings and type of browser.
Analytical cookies: Those used on our site to create browsing profiles and learn about users’ preferences regarding the site in order to improve our offering of products and services. For example, an analytical cookie can be used to see which geographic areas are of most interest to the user, which product is the most popular, etc.
Advertising cookies: Those that help manage advertising spaces based on specific criteria. For example, frequency of visits, content edited, etc. Advertising cookies store information on users’ behaviours taken from observing their habits, studying their visits and creating a profile of preferences in order to show each person ads related to the interests in their profile.

How can I change my cookies settings?

Cookies settings on Internet Explorer
Cookies settings on Firefox
Cookies settings on Google Chrome
Cookies settings on Safari
Cookies settings for Flash

These browsers may be updated or changed, so we cannot ensure the instructions exactly fit your version. You may also use another browser not included in these links, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. To avoid these issues, you can go directly to the browser settings, which are generally found in the “Privacy” section under the “Preferences” menu. (Please see your browser help section for more information.)

Revoking consent

You may also limit the third-party websites allowed to put cookies on your computer to prevent data harvesting and monitoring of your browsing activity. To limit third-party cookies, go to the settings page or OptOut:
Google Analytics
Flash Cookies YouTube

Select “Remove all” or choose the specific site you want to remove and click on “Remove site”.

Remember, if you block or remove cookies from the site we can’t save your preferences and some aspects of the site may not work, we won’t be able to offer you personalised services and each time you visit the site we will have to ask your permission to use cookies.

If you still decide you want to change your settings for accessing this website, it is possible to remove or block this information from being stored on your computer at any time by changing your browser settings.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about cookies at or

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